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Miami Made X Miami Owned


Beat Culture

| bēt kul-chər | . 1 . A craft brewery located in Miami, Florida. 2. Creators of all things fermentable. 3. Home to 3rd Heritage Kitchen.

We are a locally-owned and sourced, small batch craft brewery that seeks to redefine a one-of-a-kind experience by focusing on hoppy beers, barrel-aged creations, and honey wine. Our purpose is all things fermentable.

With the help of 3rd Heritage Kitchen, our detail and inspiration to curating goes beyond beers. In the kitchen, Chef Junior De La Torres offers a seasonal rotating menu blending international and local tastes and traditions. 



(786) 431.5413 


7250 NW 11th Street

Miami, FL 33126



M-W 7am–10pm
Th-Sa 7am–12am
Su 7am–10pm